Buttercream Basics Class - 2 Sessions

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Buttercream Basics, 2 Sessions


Friday, August 24, 3-5pm

Friday, August 31, 3-5pm


Cost for Class (both sessions included): $60, supplies not included. Adults only, please. Limited seating (10 students).

Classes are not refundable, and fees cannot be applied to a class at a later date.


Topics covered in session 1:

* Receive hands-on help as you level, fill, crumb-coat, and ice your class cake

* Learn two basic borders and three basic flowers

* Learn tips and tricks to writing on a cake

* Learn how to cover your cake board for a professional-looking presentation


Topics covered in session 2:

* Consistency and coloring - learn when to use thick, medium, and thin icing, coloring icing and achieving deep or custom colors

* Preparing and using a piping bag: positioning, pressure, and more

* Practicing with piping tips - learn more than 40 ways to use 6 of the most basic decorating tips!

* Decorate your own cake in class! We are there to help you each step of the way!


These hands-on classes require that you bring all supplies listed. Students will receive 5% off their class supplies when they are purchased any day BEFORE the day of the classes (minimal exclusions apply). Our sales associates are happy to help you shop for what you need to make sure you get all the right tools!


Session 1 supplies:

* Two or three 8x2” round cake layers

* One recipe of class buttercream, or about 6 cups of icing

* Cake leveler or long serrated knife

* One 8” cake circle

* Three 10” cake circles

* 1 foot of board wrap paper, tape, scissors

* Wet washcloth for fingers and wiping, paper towels, toothpicks

* Ten 12” piping bags

* Four standard couplers

* 3-4 bowls and spoons for mixing icing colors

* 4 or more gel food colors of your choice

* Piping tips: round #3 & #10, star #21, leaf #352, rose #104, multi-opening #133, closed star #2D

* Large offset spatula (8” or longer blade)

* Small offset or straight spatula (4” blade)

* Icing smoother, fondant smoother

* Pen or pencil for taking notes


Session 2 supplies:

* Any size layer cake, iced and ready to decorate, plus at least 2 cups of stiff, white decorator icing

* all tools from lesson one except for knife, cake circles, paper, tape, and scissor