Baking Basics Class

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Baking Basics


Friday, August 10th, 2018


Cost for Class: $35. Adults only, please. Limited seating (10 students).

Classes are not refundable, and fees cannot be applied to a class at a later date.


Topics covered in class:

*Detailed notes and recipes, food safety and storage

*Preparing batters and pans - how to measure ingredients, how long to beat batters, types of pans and their uses, greasing and preparing pans for non-stick success

*Baking and cooling the cake layers - oven temperature and positioning cake layers on racks, when to adjust temperatures, testing for doneness, cooling, handling, and storing freshly baked cake layers

*Building the cake - leveling and torting layers, filling and stacking layers with stiff and soft fillings, crumb coating and icing for a beautiful, smooth finish

*Making buttercream - recipes and demonstration

*Icing with buttercream for a smooth, professional finish

*We will cut and serve the demonstration cake for the students to enjoy! Let’s party!


This class will be mostly demonstration for student observation, with an invitation for students to practice smoothing the demonstration cake. This class will leave the student well-prepared to participate in the Buttercream Basics Classes.


Supplies required: Pen or pencil, notepaper (optional), outline (provided in class)